We are a community-centered enterprise committed to advancing social justice and equality through health.

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Health Center

At Whitman-Walker, care is more than prescriptions and doctor visits. Our care considers the whole you.


Hope drives us forward.

Hope fills our hearts, minds and souls with positive, affirming energy as we cope with the shortcomings in our lives and in society such as stigma, discrimination and poverty.

Hope fuels our vision to exist in a society that lets all people love openly and live healthily.

Hope drives us ever forward in the quest for equality and social justice for all.

Our Goals


Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.


Expanding knowledge, policy, advocacy and science in support of our health center’s model of care.


Advancing financial sustainability.


Promoting responsible stewardship of Whitman-Walker’s community presence.

Marching proudly at the 2018 Capital Pride Parade.

Our Impact

Whitman-Walker strives to fight stigma and save lives through dedicated care, advocacy, research, and education for all.


Clients served each year, regardless of their ability to pay


Transgender and gender non-conforming individuals supported through our medical, legal and mental health services


Free HIV tests at our GMHW Sexual Health Clinic


Free legal services to clients who may be seeking asylum because of who they are and how they identify


Nights every year, we offer free evening health clinics that are open to all


Free legal clinics to support name and gender change

Help Us Ensure Care and Equality for Everyone in Our Communities

The need for Whitman-Walker’s healthcare services has never been greater. Help us deliver our services to more people by investing in our mission today.