Bianca Rey, Advocating for Myself and My Community

As part of Whitman-Walker’s 40th anniversary, officially January 13, 2018, we’re sharing 40 stories to help tell the narrative of Whitman-Walker in community. We’d like to formally introduce you to Bianca Rey, an influential woman in DC’s LGBTQ community. Growing up in the Philippines with a supportive and accepting family, Bianca recognized her authenticity and decided to live her truth.

After years of volunteering and demonstrating leadership, Bianca serves as chair of the Capital Trans Pride planning committee. Bianca works and advocates for a world that doesn’t see the transgender community as a political platform, but just “transgender as human-beings.” She envisions a world where healthcare and insurance policies are competent and inclusive of the health needs of transgender and non-binary people.

Please note this story was recorded in 2016.

Bianca jumps in group shot at the 2017 Capital Pride parade.
An image of Bianca and members of DC’s transgender community from Whitman-Walker’s “We See You” campaign photo shoot.