Statement of Whitman-Walker on the Roll Back of Voting Access

Whitman-Walker Institute condemns in the strongest possible terms the anti-democratic efforts to roll back voting access in states across the US in order to maintain a stranglehold on power.  We stand in solidarity with our siblings in marginalized communities, and support the fundamental rights of a community to vote for their own representatives.  


Despite a complete lack of any evidence of voter fraud and the continued persistence of widespread voter suppression, these proposed and newly-acted laws restrict voting in ways that are likely to disproportionately impact Black and poor Americans, reducing access to voting locations and increasing barriers to absentee voting.  


We recognize that in the United States, universal suffrage remains an aspiration and that millions continue to be disenfranchised through the criminal justice system.  We call on our leaders to put their trust in democracy and to expand access to the ballot box, not restrict it.