The We Count Collaborative
Impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTQ Health

Whitman-Walker Institute and Partners Launch ‘The We Count Collaborative’ to Study COVID-19 Outcomes for LGBTQ People

The We Count Collaborative brings together data on more than 45,000 LGBTQ patients from front-line healthcare providers in a nationwide research and data-sharing project to protect the health of LGBTQ communities.

The We Count Collaborative is made up of five Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs):

Together with the Stanford Medicine-based The PRIDE Study with a collaborating site at the University of California, San Francisco– these organizations are bridging the gap in knowledge about COVID-19 health experiences, including rates of infection and outcomes, for LGBTQ people. Findings will inform best practices and policy recommendations to support positive health outcomes for LBGTQ people impacted by COVID-19.

Visit this page for updates on The We Count Collaborative’s research and findings. Read the full press release here.

“The We Count Collaborative is leveraging the inclusive data collection policies at our individual FQHCs to capture the unique circumstances and distinct needs of LGBTQ persons, providing critical information that allows policymakers, researchers and health professionals to quantify, describe and make policy recommendations based on the impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTQ communities.”

Eleanor Sarkodie, Manager of Data Analytics at Whitman-Walker Institute