The Window at The Corner
A series of micro-exhibitions
About the Exhibit Series

The Window at The Corner is a series of ongoing micro-exhibitions occupying a window of The Corner exhibition space. Each micro-exhibition features an artist who creates works that uplift LGBTQ culture, health and wellness, the current political climate and/or the DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities. Artists are curated through The Corner’s curatorial residency program – with curators selecting artists to produce works of art and showcase them through The Window at the Corner. Lookout for more than seasonal updates to the window as we spotlight artists from the community.

About the Exhibit

Title: Mother’s Daughter

Artist: Vy Vu

Medium: Mixed Media

Date: 2020

Instagram: @vyvu.art

A large brown mask with white and gold markings that symbolize birds sits on top of a mountain made of yellow, beige and olive strips of silks. Her eyes are wide and red, with white gemstones adorning her lashes. Her black hair falls to the side. Her head is adorned by a mythical white stork with a red head, black neck, and traditional gold patterns on its wings. Her mouth is wide open with red lips, black teeth, and a strip of navy blue silk, representing water, comes out of her mouth. The blue piece of silk drops all the way down to the base of the warm-toned silk mountain. At the base of the water are cut out white koi fishes with red and gold flakes on their body, swimming upwards the stream, into the mask’s mouth. Around the fish, on the blue silk are white and silver gemstones. In the back is a white backdrop with two pieces of blue fabric hanging to the side.

Meet the Artist

Vy Vu is interested in diving into the physical and astral reality of our positionality as human beings, exploring what it means for us to live and thrive individually and collectively in light of capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and colonization.

Through their visual arts and movement work, Vy hopes to invite viewers to join them in the challenging, yet beautiful, process of coming home to ourselves, our body, to Mother Nature and to our ancestors.

Vy is currently working as an art educator at Words, Beats & Life (Washington, D.C.), Keswick Wise & Well Center (Baltimore City), and a pole instructor at Vertical Addiction Pole & Aerial Dance Fitness (Catonsville, MD).

Vy Vu

Meet the Curator

Dwayne Lawson-Brown

Dwayne Lawson-Brown aka the “Crochet Kingpin” is a homegrown DC native poet, activist, break-dancer, and fashion designer. Dwayne has been known to write a pretty good haiku in his day which led his receiving the Best Haiku Award at the 2011 National Underground Spoken-Word Poetry Awards (NUSPA). His work to increase HIV awareness through spoken-word garnered recognition from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, BBCAmerica, The Discovery Channel, and The Washington Post. Ultimately Dwayne’s goal is to force audiences to feel. He tends to meet goals. When not documenting his life through poetic meter, Dwayne can be found on the metro making scarves and hats, or singing karaoke.

Dwayne Lawson-Brown