The Window at The Corner
A series of micro-exhibitions
About the Exhibit Series

The Window at The Corner is a series of ongoing micro-exhibitions occupying a window of The Corner exhibition space. Each micro-exhibition features an artist who creates works that uplift LGBTQ culture, health and wellness, the current political climate and/or the DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities. Artists are curated through The Corner’s curatorial residency program – with curators selecting artists to produce works of art and showcase them through The Window at the Corner. Lookout for more than seasonal updates to the window as we spotlight artists from the community.

About the Exhibit

Title: A Shady Place for My Soul

Artist: Asad ULTRA Walker

Medium: Aerosol + Acrylic on Wood, 7′ x 4′

Date: Winter 2021

Instagram: @asadultrawalker

For Saahirah
by Asad Walker

Dancing barefoot,
In the cool green grass,
Her smile brightens even the sunniest day,
Her eyes are a shady place for my soul,
She sings a song,
Calling me to the lands of summer,
Longer days that we meet again together,
Rest our heads and laugh,
In the cool green grass.

Meet the Artist

Asad ULTRA Walker

Asad ULTRA Walker has been an innovator in Washington DC’s hip hop and graffiti art movements for over 30 years. One of the first DC-native graffiti artists to embrace the New York style, he founded KGB, DC’s first and longest-running graffiti crew in 1983. He has spoken about graffiti outreach to the DC City Council and painted at an exhibition of new figurative artists at the Smithsonian. An accomplished illustrator and painter, Asad continues creating an impressive body of work and curating in galleries and public spaces, locally and nationally.

Asad ULTRA Walker

Meet the Curator

Jewel Addy

Our inaugural curator is Jewel Addy (she/her) – a Washington, DC transplant by way of Silver Spring, MD, South Orange, NJ, and Liberia, West Africa. Addy is the co-founder of Red Dot Campaign, Inc. a non-profit that supports menstrual health access and awareness through art, comedy and storytelling. Through this work, Jewel has co-led the curation of annual period-inspired art shows since 2016. Jewel works as the Director of Communications at Whitman-Walker Health, having worked at the organization in various capacities since 2015. During her time at Whitman-Walker, she has led projects including the 2017 and 2019 oral history collections through a partnership with the DC Oral History Collaborative and produced a 2018 documentary in partnership with DCTV called Fearless at 40: The Story of Whitman-Walker. The hour-long documentary highlights the organization’s shared history with community during its 40th anniversary year. The documentary was screened at the 2019 DC History Conference and the 2019 Alexandria Film Festival. Through these projects, Jewel has also led the creation of “40 Stories for 40 Years” – a digital story series consisting of audio oral histories, short videos, and written pieces uplifting the stories of community members, Whitman-Walker locations and past programs. The story series has set an example for historical and impact storytelling and community archiving.

Jewel Addy