Education & Trainings

We apply and extend our expertise in LGBTQ health and wellness by offering clinical training and internships to medical and behavioral health practitioners; and by offering LGBTQ competency education to licensed professionals, students, agency staff and community. Request and schedule a Whitman-Walker Institute training here.

Focus Areas

Whitman-Walker Institute provides expert-level training and capacity-building assistance in the areas of LGBTQ cultural competency, transgender health, LGBTQ behavioral health, HIV biomedical prevention, HIV care navigation and retention innovation, LGBTQ older adults, medical-legal partnerships, public benefits and insurance navigation, and youth sexual health.
LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training and Education
Clinical Education & Internships, including medical and behavioral health care.


Whitman-Walker and our staff are sought-after experts and thought leaders in the field of LGBTQ cultural competency and health.

We provide training to health care professionals and entities, government agencies, attorneys and law firms, non-profit organizations, educators, and many others.

About our trainings:

  • Trainings are available in several formats including: two-hour introductory workshops, four-hour core trainings, or comprehensive day-long gatherings.
  • We are glad to work with you to customize trainings. Note: Some core competency trainings and those that offer continuing education credits may not be as customizable.
  • The cost of our trainings varies based on session length, location, number of trainers, and whether the training offers continuing education credits.
  • Special note about DC’s LGBTQ Cultural Competency CEU requirement for licensed professionals: in 2016 DC passed a law requiring all licensed professionals to complete 2 Continuing Education hours in LGBTQ cultural competency as part of the relicensing process.  Whitman-Walker offers affordable trainings to help meet this requirement.
LGBTQ Cultural Competency Trainings
Behavioral Health Trainings
LGBTQ & General Legal Services Trainings
HIV Trainings
  • Clinical Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities – (introductory level) – (meets DC 2 credit LGBTQ Continuing Education requirement


  • Clinical Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities – (longer, more advanced training that includes CE’s)


  • Cultural Competence with LGBTQ Seniors


  • Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities (general audience, no CE)


  • Cultural Competency with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Persons


  • Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minority Youth